The four raised beds in front of you are the result of a cooperative project between the Leipzig Botanical Garden and the neighbouring kindergarten “Unikat”. The goal is to give city children the opportunity to develop a respectful relationship with nature. The little gardeners look after four raised beds throughout the year. In doing so, the children learn gardening, from laying the beds, to cultivating useful and ornamental plants, through to harvesting and processing the crop. By cleaning the plant seeds, they also obtain the seeds for the new year. The little gardeners planted three trees with native vines such as honeysuckle and clematis – plants that provide many insects with food. Nectar-gathering violet carpenter bees (Xylocopa violacea) have, for example, already settled in two of these trees. These bees do not tend to sting and are therefore not dangerous.

Photos by Gundula Formella and Rolf Engelmann.
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